What are the best online slots to play in 2024

By Rainbet
Published Feb 15, 2024

This article shows the best online slots to play in 2024 and reliable online gambling sites to play these slots.

Best online slots to play

Here is a table showing the 10 best online slots to play in 2024 using Gabriele's score process.

The process that Gabriele from RainBet made to score these slots involved researching each slot individually, looking at factors such as gameplay, graphics, bonus features, user reviews and software providers. Gabriele considered the overall player experience and the potential for big wins.

Please note that these scores are not definitive and can vary based on individual player preferences and experiences.

SlotRainBet Score
Blood Suckers9/10
White Rabbit8.5/10
Gonzo’s Quest Megaways8/10
Legacy of Dead8/10
Book of Dead8/10
Sweet Bonanza8/10
Medusa Megaways7.5/10
Primate King7/10
Big Bass Bonanza7/10

1. Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers stands out in the 2024 lineup of online slot machines, courtesy of its impressive 98% Return to Player (RTP) rate.

Made by the renowned NetEnt, Blood Suckers offers an exciting adventure in the creepy world of vampires, merging engaging graphics with captivating gameplay.

Blood Suckers' low volatility provides players with frequent, though generally small winnings.


  • High RTP of 98%, offering a better chance of winning compared to many slots.
  • Low volatility provides consistent, though smaller winnings.
  • Bonus rounds add excitement and the chance to secure wins over 1,000X the stake.
  • The vampire theme and graphics are detailed and engaging, creating a captivating gaming experience.


  • Maximum win potential is not clearly defined.
  • The game's theme might not appeal to everyone, especially those sensitive to horror elements.
  • High RTP may lead to restrictions on using the game with certain casino bonuses.

What users typically say about Blood Suckers slot: Blood Suckers is popular for its high RTP and exciting bonus rounds, which offer the possibility of big wins. Blood Suckers' vampire-themed graphics and storyline are well received for immersion, although they are not for everyone because of its intensity and the high RTP may limit bonus play at some casinos.

2. Starmania

Starmania, developed by NextGen Gaming, has an RTP of 97.867%.

Starmania combines a low to medium volatility with the excitement of space exploration, making it a standout choice for players seeking both entertainment and favorable odds in 2024.


  • High RTP of 97.867% stands out between all the slots, promising better returns.
  • The low to medium volatility range provides a balanced mix of payouts.
  • Bonus rounds bring the excitement of potential high wins, over 1,000X the stake.
  • The immersive space theme and graphics offer a captivating gaming experience.


  • Maximum win potential remains unspecified, leaving some players guessing.
  • Similarities to NetEnt’s Starburst may not appeal to those seeking novelty.
  • Graphics, while thematic, may feel dated to some users.

What users typically say about Starmania slot: Starmania's high RTP and engaging bonuses are praised for their win potential and space theme, though its similarity to Starburst and outdated graphics may not appeal to all.

3. White Rabbit

White Rabbit, developed by Big Time Gaming, fascinates players with a journey through an Alice in Wonderland-inspired universe.

White Rabbit is renowned for its dynamic RTP of between 97.24% and 97.77%, placing it among the highest paying slots of 2024.


  • RTP varies from 97.24% to 97.77%, offering exceptional return potential.
  • High volatility ensures the possibility of substantial, though less frequent, winnings.
  • Bonus rounds add to the excitement with opportunities for significant prizes.
  • Engages players with the engaging theme of Alice in Wonderland and vivid graphics.
  • Offers up to 248,832 Megaways to win, increasing the excitement of each spin.


  • Lack of a stop button during spins may detract from user control.
  • High volatility may not align with the preferences of all players.
  • The specific theme might not resonate with every player’s interests.

What users typically say about White Rabbit slot: High enthusiasm for White Rabbit's high RTP and exciting bonuses with potential wins over 10,000X stake. White Rabbit is praised for its creative Alice in Wonderland theme and graphics, though some desire better controls and note its high volatility and unique theme may not suit all.

4. Gonzo's Quest Megaways

Gonzo's Quest Megaways, an exciting collaboration between NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming, offers players an hilarious journey alongside the iconic conquistador Gonzo.

Gonzo's Quest Megaways enriches the original Gonzo's Quest experience with Megaways mechanics, resulting in a familiar yet innovative game.


  • RTP ranges from 92.31% to 96%, catering to different types of players.
  • High volatility promises the excitement of consistent, though less frequent, winnings.
  • Bonus rounds amplify excitement, with potential wins exceeding 20,000X the stake.
  • The adventure theme is deeply immersive, complemented by high-quality graphics.
  • Offers up to 117,649 Megaways to win, ensuring dynamic gameplay.


  • Absence of a stop button during spins may affect gameplay control.
  • Its high volatility may not align with the risk preferences of all players.
  • The specific adventure theme might not captivate every player's interest.

What users typically say about Gonzo's Quest Megaways slot: Gonzo's Quest Megaways is celebrated for its engaging bonuses, potential for big wins, and immersive graphics, though some players seek more gameplay control and caution its volatility and theme may not appeal to all.

5. Legacy of Dead

Legacy of Dead, a captivating slot from Play'n GO, fascinates players with its journey to the heart of Ancient Egypt.

With a high RTP of 96.58%, Legacy of Dead combines the charm of history with the excitement of modern slot mechanics.


  • An RTP of 96.58% increases the prospects of winning.
  • High volatility for exciting, though less frequent, big wins.
  • Bonus rounds increase the excitement with possibilities of winning up to 5,000X the stake.
  • The Ancient Egyptian theme and graphics are meticulously crafted for immersive play.


  • Lacks a stop button for spins, which some players prefer for greater control.
  • Its high volatility may deter players who favor more consistent wins.
  • The specific theme might not captivate all players' interests.

What users typically say about Legacy of Dead slot: Legacy of Dead is valued for its high RTP and engaging bonus features, with authentic themes and graphics. Suggestions include adding a stop spin button and noting its high volatility and niche theme may not appeal to all.

6. Book of Dead

Book of Dead, brought to life by Play'n GO, offers a fascinating immersion into the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, captivating players with its rich storyline and graphics.

Book of Dead is famous for its balance of risk and reward, thanks to an RTP of 96.21% and high volatility, promising adventurous players the excitement of substantial winnings.


  • RTP stands at a solid 96.21%, signaling strong potential for returns.
  • High volatility offers the possibility of greater, though less frequent, winnings.
  • Bonus rounds bring additional excitement, with wins potentially exceeding 5,000X the stake.
  • The slot's theme and graphics are deeply engaging, drawing players into an ancient world.
  • Players can win up to 5,000X their stake, adding to the game’s appeal.


  • Absence of a stop button during spins limits player control.
  • The game's high volatility may not be preferable for those seeking more consistent wins.
  • Not all players might be drawn to the Ancient Egyptian theme.

What users typically say about Book of Dead slot: Book of Dead is praised for its high RTP, exciting bonus rounds, and immersive Ancient Egyptian graphics, though some suggest better controls and note its volatility and theme may not appeal to all.

7. Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play shines with an RTP between 96.48% and 96.51%, set in a medium to high volatility environment that promises substantial rewards for those with the patience to wait for the game's large payouts.


  • RTP sits comfortably between 96.48% and 96.51%, offering a solid chance at returns.
  • Volatility levels from medium to high pave the way for significant wins.
  • Bonus rounds are particularly exciting, with potential wins up to 21,175X the stake.
  • Engaging theme with candy and fruit graphics provides a delightful gaming experience.


  • Lack of a stop button during spins may frustrate some players seeking more control.
  • The game's volatility may not cater to players preferring more frequent wins.
  • Its whimsical theme may not attract every player.
  • Some may find the background music overly childish.

What users typically say about Sweet Bonanza slot: Players praise Sweet Bonanza's high RTP and exciting bonus rounds for potential big wins, appreciate its vibrant theme and graphics for an immersive experience, but desire more control and have mixed views on the theme and soundtrack.

8. Medusa Megaways

Medusa Megaways, made by NextGen Gaming, draws players into the mythological world of Ancient Greece with a high RTP of 97.63%.

Medusa Megaways marries high volatility with the innovative Megaways mechanism, offering a gaming experience as unpredictable and exciting as the legend of Medusa herself.


  • An impressive RTP of 97.63% improves the chance of substantial returns.
  • High volatility translates to the potential for significant, though less frequent, wins.
  • The excitement is amplified by bonus rounds that can lead to wins over 50,000X the stake.
  • Engages players with a richly depicted Ancient Greek theme and detailed graphics.
  • Offers up to 117,649 ways to win, maximizing player engagement and win potential.


  • Absence of a stop spin feature might limit gameplay control for some.
  • Its high volatility may deter players seeking more consistent payouts.
  • The specific theme of Ancient Greek mythology may not appeal to all audiences.

What users typically say about Medusa Megaways slot: Medusa Megaways is highly played for its high RTP and exciting bonuses, allowing significant wins. Its Ancient Greek theme and visuals are well-received, though some critique its gameplay and note its volatility and specific theme may not appeal to all.

9. Primate King

Primate King, crafted by Red Tiger Gaming, immerses players in a jungle-themed adventure with an RTP of 95.66%.

Primate King balances medium volatility with engaging gameplay mechanics, highlighted by its unique features and visually stunning design.


  • Exceptional visuals and sound design create an immersive jungle experience.
  • The Coin Collector feature, with its 3 Levels, adds depth to the gameplay.
  • Wild Upgrade improves the potential for big wins.
  • Unlocking the 6th Reel througte Upgrade significantly increases win potential.


  • Players experience a low win frequency, which may be frustrating for some.
  • The absence of Free Spins contrasts with expectations based on other slots.
  • A low maximum bet limit of 10 credits may not appeal to high rollers.

What users typically say about Primate King slot: Primate King's graphics and sound are appreciated and complement the jungle theme, with innovative gameplay thanks to the Coin Collector and unlockable reels. Criticisms include rare wins, the absence of free spins, and a low maximum bet, which diminishes its appeal to high-stakes players.

10. Big Bass Bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza, developed by Pragmatic Play, offers an engaging fishing-themed adventure with an RTP of 96.71%.

Big Bass Bonanza balances its medium volatility with features that promise both entertainment and the chance for significant wins.


  • RTP of 96.71% suggests a favorable return for players.
  • Medium volatility ensures a balanced gameplay experience.
  • Offers a max payout of 2100x.
  • Maximum bet level set to £250.


  • Some players report a low frequency of wins, which may affect satisfaction.
  • No wild symbols during base game spins.
  • Low max potential.

What users typically say about Big Bass Bonanza slot: Users generally find the free spins round and the maximum payout of 2,100x interesting. However, some users find the base game monotonous.

Reputable online slot casinos

RainBet provides a generic list of the best online slot casinos but does not take responsibility for them as it is not affiliated with these casinos.

Choosing a reliable online casino is critical for a quality slots and casino gaming experience in 2024.

The top five casinos stand out for their reliability, variety of games, and high player satisfaction.

  1. As a leading online crypto casino, excels in offering a vast selection of games, including progressive jackpot slots. Players benefit from fast deposits and withdrawals, robust customer support, enticing bonuses (including a welcome bonus), free slots (via demo), making it the best online casino for many.
  2. Wild Casino: Celebrated for its safety and diverse game offerings, Wild Casino stands out as a top choice for both novices and seasoned gamblers. Its daily poker tournaments are a big draw.
  3. Everygame: Known for its secure environment and acceptance of credit card payments, Everygame appeals to a wide range of gaming preferences, providing a satisfying experience for all players.
  4. Bovada: A haven for poker lovers, Bovada hosts daily tournaments in a safe online setting, offering a competitive arena for skillful play.
  5. Lucky Creek: With its extensive blackjack selection and a generous sign-up bonus up to $7,000, Lucky Creek appeals to casual players looking for both fun and potential wins.

These casinos not only provide an extensive range of online slot games but also offer the chance to win big through progressive jackpot slots.

What is the best online slot to win?

The best online slot to win in 2024 is Blood Suckers, known for its high RTP among online casino slots.

What online slot hits the most?

The online slot that hits the most is Gonzo's Quest Megaways, with multiple paylines making it a top slot for payouts.

What online slot have good bonuses?

Sweet Bonanza offers the best slots bonuses, including a free spins bonus, deposit bonus, and engaging bonus games.

Are there any legit online slots that pay real money?

Yes, there are legit online slots that pay real money on reputable gambling sites, offering the best real money slot games. RainBet offers a variety of them.

Is there an online slot to play for real money with no deposit?

Yes, some online slots offer real money play with no deposit, typically through bonuses like a deposit match.