What online slots pay real money

By Rainbet
Published Feb 15, 2024

This article shows the 10 best online slots that pay real money. The article also teaches how to find and choose a good real-money slot and provides a list of the best slots with RTP, the best slots with volatility, and the best mobile slot apps. The article includes a section with the best instant-pay online slots.

10 Best online slots that pay real money in 2024

Here is a table showing the 10 best online slots that pay real money using Gabriele's score process.

The process that Gabriele from RainBet made to score these slots involved researching each slot individually, looking at factors such as gameplay, graphics, bonus features, user reviews and software providers. Gabriele considered the overall player experience and the potential for big wins.

Please note that these scores are not definitive and can vary based on individual player preferences and experiences.

SlotRainBet Score
Gonzo's Quest9.5/10
After Night Falls9/10
Guns n' Roses8.5/10
Reels & Wheels XL8/10
Wheel of Fortune8/10
Rags to Witches8/10
Gold Rush Gus8/10
Book of Helios7.5/10
Aztec's Millions7.5/10
Divine Fortune7/10

1. Gonzo's Quest

Gonzo's Quest, developed by NetEnt, has an RTP of 95%, positioning it as a favorable option for players looking to improve their bankroll.

Gonzo's Quest slot is renowned for its storyline, inspired by the historical conquistador Gonzalo Pizzaro, and its unique avalanche feature that replaces traditional reel spins.


  1. High RTP of 95% boosts chances for rewarding payouts.
  2. Many bonus features, including free falls and multipliers, improve the game.
  3. Engaging storyline complemented by distinctive graphics captivates players.
  4. Continuous action promises substantial wins, maintaining player interest.


  1. Initial complexity of bonus features may overwhelm newcomers.
  2. Demanding graphics necessitate a robust internet connection for seamless play.

What users typically say about Gonzo's Quest slot: Gonzo's Quest slot is praised for its engaging story, advanced graphics, and varied bonuses, offering immersive play and significant win potential. Yet, some players note learning bonuses and needing a stable connection for best experience.

2. After Night Falls

After Night Falls slot is a good choice between slot games, especially for those looking for casino games that pay real money online.

With an impressive Return to Player (RTP) of 97.27%, After Night Falls slot rises above many slot machine options, offering players a lucrative opportunity for significant wins.

Betsoft, the provider behind this video slot, made a game that not only captivates with its engaging storyline and unique graphics but also keeps players on the edge with its bonus features.


  1. High RTP ensures a better chance of winning over time.
  2. A rich variety of bonus features keeps gameplay exciting.
  3. Engaging storyline and unique graphics improve the playing experience.
  4. Continuous action and potential for big wins keep players coming back.


  1. New players may find the bonus features confusing.
  2. Heavy graphics demand a stable and strong internet connection for optimal gameplay.

What users typically say about After Night Falls slot: Players laud After Night Falls slot for its captivating plot, superior graphics, diverse bonuses, and constant action that promises big wins. However, beginners may need time to adapt, and a strong internet connection is essential for optimal experience.

After Night Falls slot game is a perfect example of how real money online slots can combine entertainment with the chance for financial rewards.

3. Guns n' Roses

Guns n' Roses, a celebrated slot game by NetEnt, merges online slot excitement with the iconic rock band's heritage.

Guns n' Roses has an RTP of 96.98%, making it a top choice for players looking for slots that pay real money. Guns n' Roses uniquely combines high returns with an immersive mix of casino excitement and iconic music.


  1. Exceptional RTP of 96.98% improves winning potential.
  2. Rich array of bonus features, including wilds, free spins, and multipliers, elevates gameplay.
  3. Engaging gameplay coupled with a modern feel, inspired by the band's music.
  4. Opportunity for significant wins, captivating players' interests.


  1. Limited to only 20 paylines, which may restrict winning combinations.
  2. Absence of a progressive jackpot, contrasting with some players' expectations for bigger prize pools.

What users typically say about Guns n' Roses slot: Guns n' Roses is praised for its engaging gameplay and diverse bonuses, with its design inspired by a famous band enhancing its appeal. However, its 20 paylines and absence of a progressive jackpot are seen as drawbacks.

4. Reels & Wheels XL

Reels & Wheels XL, a creation of Woohoo Games, stands out in the world of popular slots, especially for those in pursuit of real money gains.

With an RTP of 96%, Reels & Wheels XL provides high payouts and an engaging gaming experience.

Reels & Wheels XL is renowned for its captivating gameplay and contemporary design, offering players significant winning opportunities through bonuses like free spins, multipliers, and progressive jackpots.


  1. High RTP increases chances of lucrative payouts.
  2. Diverse bonus features, including free spins and multipliers, enhance winning potential.
  3. Engaging gameplay paired with a contemporary feel keeps players intrigued.
  4. Opportunity for big wins, supported by progressive jackpots.


  1. Some players find the game's payout frequency a bit tight.
  2. The game's high volatility may lead to less frequent but larger wins.

What users typically say about Reels & Wheels XL slot: Reels & Wheels XL is praised for its engaging gameplay and modern feel, with varied bonuses like free spins and progressive jackpots. However, its high volatility means big wins may be infrequent.

5. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune, powered by IGT, is a slot game inspired by the popular TV game show.

Wheel of Fortune has an RTP of 96.6%, offering players a mix of entertainment and the chance to win real money.

Wheel of Fortune offers a unique and engaging experience with special bonus rounds, available on mobile and desktop.


  1. Features a unique and slick design that captures the essence of the TV show.
  2. An attractive RTP of 96.6% enhances winning potential.
  3. Compatible with mobile and desktop, ensuring accessibility for all players.
  4. Offers exciting bonus rounds, adding layers of engagement and opportunities for wins.


  1. Some players feel the base payouts could be higher, affecting the overall reward.
  2. The game's complexity might not suit fans of simpler slot games.
  3. Its theme, while iconic, may not resonate with every player.

What users typically say about Wheel of Fortune slot: Wheel of Fortune's enthusiasts enjoy its distinctive design, exciting bonus rounds mirroring the TV show, and regular payouts, despite desires for higher base game rewards. Its complexity and specific theme may not suit everyone, yet it's favored for its branded content and depth.

6. Rags to Witches

Rags to Witches, created by Betsoft, garners attention with its RTP of 96.21%, positioning it as a compelling choice for players seeking slots that pay real money.

Rags to Witches mixes an enchanting theme with innovative gameplay.


  1. High RTP of 96.21% signals strong potential for returns.
  2. Boasts a variety of bonus features, including free spins, multipliers, and a unique bonus round, enriching the gaming experience.
  3. Engaging gameplay and a modern feel keep players entertained and immersed.
  4. Offers the chance for big wins and progressive jackpots, making it highly attractive for those in pursuit of substantial rewards.


  1. Some players report the game as feeling tight, potentially affecting the frequency of payouts.
  2. The game’s high volatility suggests that while wins can be significant, they may also be less frequent, necessitating patience and strategic play.

What users typically say about Rags to Witches slot: Rags to Witches offers engaging gameplay and bonus features that increase winning potential, including progressive jackpots, but has high volatility affecting strategy.

7. Gold Rush Gus

Gold Rush Gus, developed by Woohoo Games, has an impressive RTP of 98%, the highest rtp slot of this list.

Gold Rush Gus transports players into a vibrant mining adventure, where the titular character, Gus, smashes rocks to uncover symbols, offering a unique twist on traditional slot mechanics.


  1. Exceptionally high RTP of 98% increases players' winning odds.
  2. Boasts a variety of bonus features, including free spins, treasure chests, and keys to unlock more rewards, enhancing gameplay.
  3. Engaging gameplay and a modern feel keep players invested in the mining adventure.
  4. Offers the potential for big wins and progressive jackpots, enticing players with the promise of lucrative payouts.
  5. Unique gameplay mechanic with Gus smashing rocks introduces an innovative element to slot gaming.


  1. Some players report the game as feeling tight, potentially affecting the frequency of wins.
  2. High volatility may result in significant but less frequent payouts.
  3. The slightly above-average minimum bet size could be a barrier for players on a budget.
  4. Game design might appear narrow on desktop monitors, affecting the visual experience.

What users typically say about Gold Rush Gus slot: Players praise Gold Rush Gus for its engaging gameplay and unique features, highlighting the chance for big wins and the importance of strategic betting due to its volatility.

8. Book of Helios

Book of Helios, developed by Betsoft, has an RTP of 95.8%.

Book of Helios stands out for its engaging story, advanced graphics, and bonus features aimed at improving gameplay and boosting win potential.


  1. A high RTP of 95.8% suggests a favorable return to players over time.
  2. Features a variety of bonus features, including free spins, expanding symbols, and scatter pays, enriching the gameplay.
  3. The engaging gameplay and modern feel keep players absorbed in the action.
  4. Presents the potential for big wins and progressive jackpots, appealing to those seeking substantial rewards.


  1. Some players report the game as being tight, which may affect the frequency of wins.
  2. Its high volatility can lead to larger but less frequent payouts, requiring patience and a strategic bankroll management.

What users typically say about Book of Helios slot: Book of Helios is praised for its engaging gameplay and diverse bonus features, enhancing excitement and win opportunities. However, its high volatility and potential for long winless periods are cautioned.

9. Aztec's Millions

Aztec's Millions, created by RealTime Gaming, is a progressive jackpot slot that has captured the attention of players looking for top real money online slots.

Aztec's Millions has an RTP of 95%, and stands out for its ability to offer not just excitement but also the chance at life-changing wins, with its jackpot starting at a staggering $1 million.

This game is built around an Random Number Generator (RNG) system, ensuring fair play across its numerous paylines.


  1. RTP of 95% enhances winning potential.
  2. Progressive jackpot starting at $1 million escalates the excitement.
  3. Gameplay is both exciting and rewarding, appealing to a wide range of players.


  1. High volatility may result in less frequent wins.
  2. Simplistic graphics might not appeal to all players.
  3. Fixed bet per spin at $5, which can be limiting for some, affecting overall accessibility.

What users typically say about Aztec’s Millions slot: Aztec's Millions is praised for its engaging gameplay but criticized for its high volatility, basic graphics, and the $5 minimum bet, which may deter budget-conscious players.

10. Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune, offered by the renowned provider NetEnt, has an RTP of 96.59%.

Divine Fortune combines ancient mythology and modern technology, featuring a high RTP and bonus features, popular in the online gambling world.


  1. A high RTP of 96.59% suggests a favorable return for players.
  2. A rich variety of bonus features, including Falling Wilds Re-Spins, a Wild on Wild feature, Bonus Spins, and three different jackpots.
  3. The gameplay is engaging, with a modern feel that keeps players entertained.
  4. Offers the potential for big wins, especially with its progressive jackpots.


  1. Some players report the game as being tight, affecting the frequency of wins.
  2. The volatility of the game is fairly high, which might not suit all players.

What users typically say about Divine Fortune slot: Divine Fortune is lauded for its engaging gameplay and potential for large wins through progressive jackpots, attracting players with its modernity and bonus features, but requires patience and a substantial bankroll due to its high volatility.

How to choose a good real money slot

Choosing a good real money slot can significantly improve your online gambling experience.

Here's a list of tips you can follow:

  1. Look for High RTP Slots: Games with an RTP rate above 95% generally offer better long-term winnings. Real money slot games with high RTPs mean you're more likely to win back a higher percentage of your total bets over time.
  2. Evaluate the Bonus Offers: The best casinos provide generous casino bonuses, including welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and free spins. Use these bonuses to extend playtime without additional risk. Always read the terms and conditions for wagering requirements.
  3. Prioritize Secure and Reputable Casino Sites: Only play real money slots at casino sites known for their security measures and positive reputation. Make sure they're licensed and regulated by credible gambling authorities.
  4. Consider the Volatility: Slots with low volatility pay out small wins more frequently, while high volatility games offer the chance for big wins but less often. Choose based on your risk tolerance and bankroll size.
  5. Check the Payment Options: Make sure the slot casinos offer convenient deposit and cash-out methods. Quick withdrawal times are a plus, allowing you to access your winnings promptly.
  6. Customer Support Availability: Reliable customer support is crucial for resolving any issues. Top gambling sites offer 24/7 support via chat, email, or phone.
  7. Take Advantage of Promos: Look for promo codes that unlock additional slot bonuses on your first deposit or subsequent play. These slot bonuses can provide extra value and increase your chances of winning without extra investment.
  8. Diverse Game Selection: Top online casinos offer a wide range of online casino games, including various slot types. This diversity ensures you can always find games that suit your preferences.
  9. Read User Reviews: Gain insights from other slot players' experiences with real money casino games at specific gambling sites. Positive reviews often indicate a satisfying player experience.

Where can you play slots online for real money?

You can play slots online for real money at reputable casino sites like RainBet, which offers a wide selection of slot games.

Best real money slots based on RTP

Here is a table with the best real money slots based on RTP:

Mega Joker99%
Blood Suckers98%
Rainbow Riches98%
White Rabbit Megaways97.75%

To discover more RTP slots, check RainBet's article: Which online slots payout the most?

Best real money slots based on volatility

Here is a table with the best real money slots based on volatility:

Spacke DonkeyHigh
Chicago GoldHigh
Pirates PubHigh
Jack in a PotHigh
Big Bass BonanzaHigh
Wild ScarabsLow
Blood SuckersLow
Da Vinci DiamondsLow

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To discover more low volatility slots, check out RainBet's article: The best low volatility slots

Real money slots vs free slots

Choosing between real money and free slots depends on understanding their distinct advantages.

Real money slots provide excitement with the chance of actual wins, whereas free slots allow for risk-free practice and fun. Here’s how to make an informed decision:

  1. Real Money Slots:
  2. Offer the excitement of winning real cash.
  3. Access to casino bonuses, including deposit bonuses and free spins, enhancing play and offering more chances to win.
  4. Participation in progressive jackpots for life-changing wins.
  5. Real stakes bring a more thrilling casino experience.
  6. Free Slots:
  7. Risk-free way to enjoy online slot games without financial commitment.
  8. Ideal for trying new games and mastering gameplay before investing real money.
  9. Free games help understand slot volatility and bonus features without the risk.
  10. No registration or download might be required on some slots sites.

When deciding, consider your gaming goals. If you're aiming to win cash, real money slots are your go-to.

For practice or casual play, free slots offer a no-stress environment. Always play responsibly, choosing reputable slots sites for a secure gaming experience.

Are there free slots that pay real money?

Yes, there are free slots that offer the chance to win real money, typically through bonuses like no deposit offers from online casinos.

Can you play real money slots on mobile?

Yes, you can play real money slots on mobile through various online casino apps and mobile-friendly websites.

Best real money slots apps

RainBet provides a generic list of the best real money slots apps but does not take responsibility for them as it is not affiliated with these apps.

Here is the list of the best real money slots apps:

  1. McLuck: Extensive library of slot games with a generous welcome bonus, available on both iOS and Android platforms in the US. Known for its high payout rates.
  2. WOW Vegas: Over 300 slot games catering to US players, with 24/7 customer support. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  3. Pulsz: A wide variety of slots from top developers like Pragmatic Play and Evoplay, plus daily bonuses. Offers high payout games on both iOS and Android.
  4. High 5 Casino: More than 800 slots and live blackjack, boasting authentic slots made in the USA. Available for iOS and Android users with exclusive member offers.
  5. Fortune Coins: Welcomes US players with a bonus of 20M free gold coins and $50 free coins, available on iOS and Android.
  6. Gambino Slots: Features over 150 free casino slots with huge jackpots, including a daily free spin on the bonus wheel for iOS and Android users.
  7. Funrize: Offers free coins daily and a high winning percentage (RTP) on both iOS and Android, with exclusive discounts on coin packages.

Instant payment online slots

Here are the best instant payment online slots:

  1. Rainbet: Offers a First Deposit Up to 100% bonus, with the bonus claimable as you bet. Players can enjoy over 300 slots, alongside a variety of casino games and a sportsbook. Supports e-wallets, and other payment methods for quick deposits and withdrawals.
  2. McLuck: Known for its extensive library of slot games and a generous welcome bonus. McLuck is widely available in the US, accepting credit cards and offering deposit match bonuses to enhance the gaming experience. Its payout percentage is competitive, ensuring fair play.
  3. WOW Vegas: Caters to US players with over 300 slot games and round-the-clock customer support. It emphasizes quick payouts through various wallets, ensuring players have access to their winnings promptly.
  4. Pulsz: Features a broad range of sweepstakes games and slots from top developers like Pragmatic Play and Evoplay. Pulsz offers daily bonuses and rewards, with efficient payment methods that include credit cards and e-wallets for fast access to funds.
  5. High 5 Casino: Provides over 800 slots plus live blackjack, with exclusive member offers. High 5 Casino is noted for its high payout percentage and variety of payment methods, catering to players looking for instant withdrawal options.