What slots have the best odds

By Rainbet
Published Feb 15, 2024

This article shows the 15 best slots based on odds and explains how slots odds work. The article also explains slot fundamentals like denomination, volatility and RTP. Lastly, it compares the slots topic with other casino games.

Best slots odds

Here is a table showing the 15 best online slots with best odds using Gabriele's score process.

The process that Gabriele from RainBet made to score these slots involved researching each slot individually, looking at factors such as gameplay, graphics, bonus features, user reviews and software providers. Gabriele considered the overall player experience and the potential for big wins.

Please note that these scores are not definitive and can vary based on individual player preferences and experiences.

SlotRainBet Score
Dead or Alive9/10
Mega Joker9/10
Quest to the West8/10
Lucky Lady's Clover8/10
Reel Rush8/10
Jack Hammer8/10
Lucky Riches Hyperspin8/10
Wild Orient8/10
Lucky Leprechaun8/10
Dim Sum Prize7/10
The Angler7/10
Monster Pop7/10

1. Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive by NetEnt is a Wild West-themed online slot game.

Dead or Alive, with an Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.41%, marries high volatility with the chance for significant wins, making each spin an exciting adventure.

Players praise its immersive graphics and sound, evoking an outlaw and saloon-filled world.

The free spins and Sticky Wilds make the game highly rewarding.


  1. Engaging Wild West theme.
  2. High-quality graphics and sound effects.
  3. Sticky Wilds during Free Spins improve winning potential.
  4. High RTP indicates a good return over time.


  1. Limited to only 9 paylines, reducing betting options.
  2. Absence of a progressive jackpot.
  3. Some players find the bonus wins disappointing.
  4. Traditional setup may not appeal to those seeking modern slot mechanics.
  5. Longer spinning times compared to other slots.

What users typically say about Dead or Alive slot: Players laud Dead or Alive for its captivating theme and immersive visuals and sounds, especially praising the exciting free spins and Sticky Wilds. Despite criticisms about paylines and bonus wins, it's a classic favorite among online slot fans.

2. Mega Joker

Mega Joker, developed by NetEnt, has an exceptional RTP of 99%, one of the highest rtp percentage between slots.

Mega Joker medium to high volatility slot with a classic fruit slot theme, offering both nostalgia and excitement. The standout feature, Supermeter Mode, allows for strategic play and increased winning potential.

Additionally, the chance to win a progressive jackpot adds an extra thrill, making every spin potentially life-changing.


  1. RTP of 99%.
  2. Engaging classic fruit slot theme for a nostalgic experience.
  3. Supermeter Mode offers higher win potential.
  4. Progressive jackpot for significant win possibilities.
  5. Gameplay is simple yet entertaining, perfect for all players.


  1. Lack of Free Spins feature may disappoint some.
  2. Stake system can be complicated, with restrictive low limits.
  3. Payouts displayed in coins, not US dollars, can be confusing.
  4. Variable payout rates in the base game require adaptation.
  5. Absence of modern features compared to newer slots.

What users typically say about Mega Joker slot: Gamblers praise the game for its high return-to-player (RTP), Supermeter Mode, and progressive jackpot, offering a mix of classic and modern elements with significant win potential. Critiques include a lack of free spins and calls for simpler, updated designs.

3. Quest to the West

Quest to the West, developed by Betsoft, has an RTP of 97.53%, mixing generous payouts and player engagement.

Quest to the West is medium volatility slot. With its graphics and serene sound effects, Quest to the West offers an immersive experience.

The free spins feature stands out, presenting a chance to secure a 1000x win.


  1. High RTP of 97.53% improves winning potential.
  2. Appeals to a wide range of players, including high and low rollers.
  3. Free spins side game can yield a 1000x win, adding to the excitement.
  4. Stunning graphics provide an engaging visual experience.
  5. Soothing sound effects enhance the overall gameplay atmosphere.


  1. The maximum payout of 1260x may not satisfy high-stakes players.
  2. Absence of modern features might detract from its appeal to some.
  3. Medium volatility may not meet the preferences of all players.
  4. The theme may not captivate every player.
  5. Bonus rounds can be challenging to activate, requiring patience.

What users typically say about Quest to the West slot: Players praise the game's graphics and calming sounds, particularly enjoying the profitable free spins. The gameplay is enjoyable, balancing risk and reward well, though improvements in theme and more accessible bonus rounds for thrilling moments are suggested.

4. Domnitors

Domnitors, presented by BGaming, is set in a medieval theme and has an RTP of 97.31%, positioning it well for players in search of games with higher payback potential. Domnitors is a low volatility slot.

Domnitors has detailed and atmospheric designs.

The free spins feature is particularly notable for offering higher winning opportunities.


  1. High RTP of 97.31% signals generous return potential.
  2. Engaging medieval theme immerses players in historical adventure.
  3. High-quality graphics contribute to an impressive visual experience.
  4. Free spins feature provides exciting opportunities for significant wins.
  5. Great for players looking for consistent, though smaller, wins.


  1. Low volatility may not appeal to those seeking larger, less frequent wins.
  2. The medieval theme isn't for everyone, possibly limiting its appeal.
  3. Bonus rounds can be challenging to activate, requiring patience and persistence.
  4. Lacks modern slot features that might attract contemporary players.
  5. Max bet limited to 20 credits, which might deter high rollers.

What users typically say about Domnitors slot: Domnitors is praised for its engaging theme, visuals, and rewarding free spins, though players seek more bonuses and diverse features.

5. Lucky Lady's Clover

Lucky Lady's Clover, provided by BGaming, boasts an RTP of 97.31%, offering players a mix of charm and chance with its medium volatility.

Lucky Lady's Clover offers calming graphics and subtle sound effects, improving the gaming experience without being overwhelming.

The gameplay is straightforward, making it accessible to both newcomers and veteran players. Lucky Lady's Clover's appeal lies in the simplicity and the potential for substantial wins.


  1. High RTP of 97.31% indicates a favorable return for players.
  2. Graphics are immersive, with natural colors that are easy on the eyes.
  3. Sounds are designed to be non-intrusive, adding to the game's charm.
  4. Simple gameplay and easy rules ensure a user-friendly experience.
  5. Offers excellent chances to win, making each spin exciting.


  1. Medium volatility may not suit players looking for more frequent wins or higher risk.
  2. The theme, while charming, might not capture the interest of all players.
  3. Bonus rounds can prove challenging to trigger, which might frustrate some.
  4. Lacks the modern features found in newer slot games.
  5. Absence of music, which could detract from the overall experience for some.

What users typically say about Lucky Lady's Clover slot: Players praise Lucky Lady's Clover's aesthetics and easy mechanics, enjoying its balance of simple, engaging play and potential rewards. They wish for more bonuses and updates.

6. Reel Rush

Reel Rush, developed by NetEnt, stands out with a notable RTP of 97%, mixing medium volatility with a large appeal to different player preferences.

Reel Rush captures attention with its vibrant, retro-inspired theme, showcasing an array of candy and fruit symbols that add a splash of color to the gaming experience.

Reel Rush’s unique structure offers up to 3,125 ways to win, significantly increasing the chances for a payout.


  1. Offers a massive 3,125 paylines, opening up extensive winning possibilities.
  2. Features like respins and a free spins bonus round enhance gameplay.
  3. The fun, colorful theme brings a cheerful gaming experience.
  4. Medium volatility caters to a wide audience, balancing risk and reward.
  5. Created by NetEnt, a reputable provider known for high-quality slots.


  1. Achieving the maximum payout can be challenging.
  2. Higher minimum bet might deter players with smaller bankrolls.
  3. Free spins round cannot be re-triggered, limiting bonus potential.
  4. Absence of a dedicated bonus round beyond the free spins.
  5. Lacks a progressive jackpot, which may disappoint those chasing huge wins.

What users typically say about Reel Rush slot: Gamers praise Reel Rush for blending retro visuals and a vibrant soundtrack with modern gameplay, making it a beloved mix of nostalgia and innovation.

7. Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer, a creation of NetEnt, has an RTP of 97%.

Jack Hammer’s low volatility ensures more frequent wins, although these are typically smaller in size.

Jack Hammer offers a unique comic book style and engaging story, featuring sticky wins that boost payout potential by locking winning symbols for re-spins.


  1. Engaging graphics and theme immerse players in a comic book world.
  2. User-friendly, making it accessible to newcomers and seasoned players alike.
  3. High RTP of 97% promises a generous return over time.
  4. Sticky wins feature introduces a unique twist to gameplay, enhancing win potential.
  5. Free spins feature adds an extra layer of excitement and reward.


  1. Maximum win capped at x1000 may not satisfy those chasing colossal payouts.
  2. Base game soundtrack could be more engaging, improving the immersive experience.
  3. Lacks the cutting-edge features found in newer slots, which might deter some.
  4. The distinct theme may not resonate with all players' tastes.
  5. Bonus rounds can be elusive, requiring patience to trigger.

What users typically say about Jack Hammer slot: Players praise Jack Hammer for its comic book style and unique gameplay, especially the sticky wins and free spins that enhance its appeal. However, some desire newer features and a dynamic soundtrack.

8. Lucky Riches Hyperspin

Lucky Riches Hyperspin, powered by Microgaming, offers an impressive RTP of 97.49%, placing it among the top slots for player returns. Lucky Riches Hyperspin is a low volatility slot.

Lucky Riches Hyperspin combines a classic Las Vegas theme with a modern Hyperspin feature, enabling reel respins for an extra fee.

The inclusion of free spins and scatter symbols adds depth to its gameplay, making it a hit among fans of traditional and contemporary slot mechanics alike.


  1. Captures the classic Vegas style with a contemporary twist.
  2. Hyperspin feature adds a new level of strategy and excitement.
  3. High RTP of 97.49% enhances winning potential over time.
  4. Low volatility is ideal for players seeking more consistent wins.
  5. Incorporates modern features like scatters and free spins.


  1. The retro theme may not appeal to all, especially those seeking cutting-edge graphics.
  2. Designed with low variance, which might not suit high rollers or those chasing big wins.
  3. Targeted math model may not cater to every player's preferences.
  4. Wild symbols are limited to reels 2 and 4, potentially limiting big win opportunities.
  5. Hyperspins feature, while innovative, is only available after each base game spin, adding cost for its use.

What users typically say about Lucky Riches Hyperspin slot: Players appreciate Lucky Riches Hyperspin's Vegas theme and nostalgic feel, praising its mix of classic and modern elements. The Hyperspin feature is noted for adding an engaging twist, though there's a wish for wider appeal.

9. Wild Orient

Wild Orient, developed by Microgaming, showcases an impressive RTP of 97.49%, placing it among the top slots for favorable player returns.

With its medium volatility, Wild Orient offers a balanced mix of win frequencies and payout sizes, suitable for a broad spectrum of players.

Wild Orient, set in an Asian jungle, captivates with its wildlife symbols and immersive graphics and sounds, enhancing the natural experience.


  1. High RTP of 97.49% signals strong potential for returns.
  2. Medium volatility presents a well-rounded gaming experience.
  3. The Asian jungle theme offers a captivating visual and auditory experience.
  4. Features like free spins, re-spins, and multipliers increase winning chances.
  5. Accessible to a wide range of players, from casuals to enthusiasts.


  1. The theme may not cater to all preferences, particularly those indifferent to nature or wildlife.
  2. Potential winnings might not reach the high levels desired by some high-stakes players.
  3. Special features may require time to trigger, testing player patience.
  4. Re-spin option, while innovative, can add an additional cost for players.
  5. Lacks a progressive jackpot, limiting maximum payout opportunities.

What users typically say about Wild Orient slot: Players praise Wild Orient's engaging theme, high-quality graphics, and serene atmosphere, while appreciating the strategic depth added by the re-spin feature. Some desire more or larger payouts.

10. Lucky Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun by Microgaming captivates with a 96.33% RTP, offering players a dive into Irish folklore with a medium volatility level.

Lucky Leprechaun, set against the backdrop of a lush, green landscape, is adorned with symbols of luck and prosperity.

Players are particularly fond of Lucky Leprechaun's immersive theme, which is enriched with a palette of vibrant colors and characters from the Emerald Isle.

Lucky Leprechaun features several bonuses, including the Trail O’ Fortune bonus game, free spins with multipliers, and wilds that improve the chances of winning.


  1. The Irish folklore theme delivers an engaging and joyful experience.
  2. An RTP of 96.33% is favorable for sustained play.
  3. Medium volatility strikes a balance between the frequency and size of wins.
  4. The Trail O’ Fortune bonus and free spins with multipliers add layers of excitement.
  5. Wild symbols increase the potential for winning combinations.


  1. Slightly lower than average RTP may deter some players.
  2. Targeted primarily at fans of Irish-themed slots, which may not suit all preferences.
  3. Some may find the bonus rounds challenging to activate.
  4. Wild symbols are limited to certain reels, slightly restricting winning opportunities.

What users typically say about Lucky Leprechaun slot: Lucky Leprechaun is praised for its immersive Irish-themed world, engaging gameplay, and innovative bonus features, appealing to a wide audience.

11. PayDirt!

PayDirt! by Real Time Gaming (RTG) draws players with an RTP of 97.5%, standing out as a high-reward slot among all online games. PayDirt! is a high volatility slot.

PayDirt! theme is brought to life through vivid, cartoon-like characters and immersive special rounds.

With the added excitement of a progressive jackpot, PayDirt! promises not just fun but the excitment of the hunt for big wins.


  1. High RTP of 97.5% offers a favorable return to players.
  2. Engaging gold mining theme with vibrant, cartoon-style graphics.
  3. Special rounds introduce variety and additional win opportunities.
  4. Progressive jackpot enhances the potential for substantial rewards.
  5. Designed by RTG, a reputable provider in the gaming industry.


  1. Infrequent wins due to high volatility may deter casual players.
  2. Bonus rounds and wild symbols appear less often than some players prefer.
  3. Wilds limited to specific reels, reducing the frequency of significant wins.
  4. Tailored for a niche market, which might not appeal to all gaming preferences.

What users typically say about PayDirt! slot: Fans appreciate PayDirt! fun theme and exciting features but note its challenging wins and bonus rounds, appealing to high volatility game enthusiasts.

12. Dim Sum Prize

Dim Sum Prize, a creation of Betsoft, tantalizes with an RTP of 97.18%, making it an appealing choice for those in search of slots with favorable odds.

Dim Sum Prize’s medium volatility ensures a balanced gameplay experience, offering a mix of regular wins and the potential for moderate payouts.

Themed around the world of Dim Sum, this slot brings culinary delights to the gaming scene, complete with free spins and a captivating hold-and-spin feature that add depth and excitement to the play.

Dim Sum Prize offers a low-risk gaming experience suitable for casual and cautious players, focusing on enjoyment and potential wins.


  1. High RTP of 97.18% suggests a good return over time.
  2. Medium volatility caters to a wide audience, balancing play dynamics.
  3. Features like free spins and hold-and-spin enhance gameplay.
  4. Perfect for casual players and low-risk enthusiasts.
  5. Unique Dim Sum theme provides a fresh and engaging gaming atmosphere.


  1. The maximum win potential might not attract high rollers.
  2. Limited betting range could deter players with larger bankrolls.
  3. Aimed primarily at a niche market, which may not suit everyone's taste.
  4. The culinary theme, while unique, might not appeal universally.
  5. Bonus rounds may require patience to activate, adding a layer of challenge.

What users typically say about Dim Sum Prize slot: Dim Sum Prize is praised for its culinary theme and unique features, offering a blend of slot excitement and Asian culinary charm. However, players desire bigger jackpots and more betting flexibility.

13. The Angler

The Angler slot, crafted by BetSoft, stands out with an RTP of 97.1%, offering players a mix of rewarding gameplay and medium volatility for steady wins.

The Angler dives into a fishing theme, adorned with cartoonish graphics and animations that add a lighthearted touch to the underwater adventure.

Designed to entertain widely, The Angler especially appeals to fans of relaxed gaming, offering extensive amusement.


  1. High RTP of 97.1% enhances potential for player returns.
  2. Balanced medium volatility for regular wins.
  3. Engaging cartoonish design and animations bring fun to the reels.
  4. Offers a relaxed gaming atmosphere for extended play.
  5. Crafted by BetSoft, known for high-quality slot games.


  1. Fishing theme might not hook all players.
  2. Bonus rounds can be elusive, adding a layer of challenge.
  3. Designed for a specific audience, limiting its universal appeal.
  4. Wild symbols are confined to reels 2 and 4, limiting their impact.
  5. Lacks hyperspins feature, which could detract from its appeal to some players.

What users typically say about The Angler slot: The Angler's playful take on fishing is widely enjoyed for its fun and engaging experience, despite some seeking more realism.

14. Monster Pop

Monster Pop, presented by Betsoft Gaming, showcases an RTP of 97.07%, making it a notable contender for players looking for slots with favorable odds.

Monster Pop’s medium volatility level promises a balanced mix of win frequencies and sizes, suitable for a broad spectrum of gambling enthusiasts.

Monster Pop distinguishes itself with a playful, cartoonish design and unique features like the Monster Cloner and Monster Fury, improving traditional slot play with innovative twists.

Despite Monster Pop's engaging nature and potential for extended entertainment, feedback indicates that wins may not be as frequent as some players hope.


  1. High RTP of 97.07% suggests a promising return to players.
  2. Engaging cartoonish design paired with cheerful animations for a lighthearted experience.
  3. Features such as Monster Cloner and Monster Fury offer fresh gameplay dynamics.
  4. Designed to entertain a wide audience with hours of fun.
  5. Medium volatility accommodates diverse player strategies and risk tolerances.


  1. Infrequent wins might test player patience.
  2. Bonus features can be challenging to activate, adding to the game's difficulty.
  3. Tailored for a specific player demographic, which might not cater to everyone's preferences.
  4. The whimsical theme may not resonate with all players.
  5. The hyperspins feature, while innovative, is contingent on base game spins, which may not suit all playing styles.

What users typically say about Monster Pop slot: Monster Pop's engaging theme and innovative gameplay attract players, though some wish for more wins and easier bonus access.

15. GoldFist

GoldFist, offered by WMS, comes with an RTP of 60.65%, positioning it on the lower end of player return compared to other slots. This is the slot with the worst odds in this list.

While the RTP might suggest a cautious approach, the absence of explicit volatility information hints at potential high volatility, characteristic of slots that offer substantial but less frequent wins.

Players have voiced concerns over tGoldFist's excessive pop-ups and a perceived lack of engaging bonuses or coin collection opportunities, which might detract from the overall experience.


  1. Distinctive name and association with a reputable provider, WMS.
  2. Engages players with solid graphics and smooth, bug-free gameplay.
  3. Accessible through Facebook and various apps, enhancing its reach.
  4. Offers a diversity of themes, appealing to a wide audience.


  1. Lower RTP of 92% may not be as competitive.
  2. Potential high volatility could discourage players seeking more consistent wins.
  3. Feedback indicates a shortfall in bonus features and interactive elements.
  4. Excessive pop-ups have been reported, potentially disrupting gameplay.

What users typically say about GoldFist slot: Slots players often focus on the game's interruptive pop-ups and a noticeable scarcity of bonuses, suggesting room for improvement in user engagement and retention strategies.

Which slot machine is most likely to win?

In online casinos, identifying the slot machine with the best odds of winning comes down to understanding two critical factors: the payout percentage (RTP) and volatility.

The RTP, or Return to Player, is a key indicator of a slot's payout potential, expressed as a percentage. Slots with an RTP above 96% are generally considered to offer better payout prospects. Higher RTP slots promise a higher return over time, making them attractive for players looking to maximize their winning chances.

Volatility, on the other hand, measures the risk involved in playing a slot. Low volatility slots offer more frequent wins, but these are often smaller. High volatility slots, while offering larger payouts, do so less frequently, presenting a higher risk.

Consider both the RTP and volatility to find the best payout opportunities. Slots like Mega Joker and Blood Suckers are renowned for their high RTP percentages and can be considered among the top choices.

How slots odds work

At the core of every slot machine is the Random Number Generator (RNG) which ensures that each spin is completely independent and unbiased. This technology guarantees that the outcome of each spin is random, making slots a game of pure chance.

Volatility and RTP are two key factors that players should consider.

Volatility refers to how often and how much a slot pays out. High volatility slots offer larger payouts but less frequently, while low volatility slots pay out smaller amounts more often.

RTP, on the other hand, indicates the percentage of all wagered money a slot will pay back to players over time. A higher RTP means a better chance of winning back your bet in the long run.

In essence, while the RNG ensures fairness in play, understanding a slot's volatility can help manage expectations regarding the frequency and size of wins. Similarly, choosing slots with a high RTP can increase your chances of winning real money, as it suggests a lower house edge.

Slots denomination

Slots denomination refers to the value of each credit in a slot game. It determines the minimum amount that players can bet on a spin.

Higher denominations typically offer better odds and payouts because they operate with a lower house edge.

How RTP affects slots odds

RTP significantly influences slots odds by indicating the percentage of wagered money a slot will pay back over time.

A higher RTP means better odds for the player, as it suggests a slot will return more to its players.

How volatility affects slots odds

Volatility in slots describes the risk involved in playing a specific game.

High volatility slots offer larger payouts but less frequently, making them ideal for players seeking big wins but willing to face higher risks.

Low volatility slots provide smaller, more frequent wins, suited for players aiming for consistent payouts.

How many symbols do you need to win?

The number of symbols needed to win in slots varies by game.

Typically, landing 3 or more matching symbols on a payline results in a win. Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols, increasing your chances of hitting a winning combination. Each slot has its unique paytable that outlines specific winning combinations and their payouts.

Can you improve online slots odds?

Yes, you can improve online slots odds by choosing games with higher RTP rates and managing your bankroll effectively.

What are hot and cold slots?

Hot slots are believed to be machines that pay out more frequently, while cold slots are thought to pay out less often.

This concept is based on player experiences rather than factual evidence, as the outcomes of slot games are determined by Random Number Generators (RNGs), ensuring each spin is entirely random.

Slots odds compared to other casino games

Compared to table games like blackjack and roulette, casino slots typically offer a wider range of odds to players.

While table games often come with a lower house edge, meaning a better chance of winning a set amount of money, slots can offer big jackpots.

However, the odds of hitting such a jackpot in slots are generally lower. Slots' RTP (Return to Player) can vary significantly, with some offering as high as 98%, but they also include the element of high volatility, meaning wins can be less frequent.

In contrast, games like blackjack might offer more consistent winning opportunities but usually don't offer the chance to win a large amount of money from a single small bet.

Slots appeal to those looking for the big win, whereas table games appeal to those looking for more consistent, smaller wins.