Wild symbols in slots

By Rainbet
Published Feb 15, 2024

This article explains what is a slot wild symbol and how it works. The article also shows all types of wild symbols, and compares the wild symbol with the scatter and multiplier one.

What is a wild symbol?

In slot games, a wild symbol can substitute for most other symbols on the reels to complete winning combinations on a payline. The wild symbol is like a joker in a deck of cards.

Wild symbol's versatility makes it a player's ally, increasing the chances of hitting a winning line.

Originating from the earliest mechanical classic slot machines, wild symbols have evolved to become a core feature in modern digital slots, improving gameplay with more dynamic and unpredictable outcomes.

How wild symbols work

When wild symbols appear on the reels, they can substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations, significantly improving the chances of a payout.

Additionally, wild symbols are often linked to some of the most lucrative aspects of slot games, such as triggering free spins or bonus rounds.

When players land a certain number of wilds, they might be rewarded with free spins, where they can play without placing additional bets, yet still win real money. In some cases, these symbols also activate bonus rounds, offering a separate gameplay experience with the potential for large jackpots or additional payouts.

Some wild symbols have unique features, such as expanding to cover an entire reel, which dramatically increases the possibility of hitting a winning combination across multiple paylines.

Wild symbols are explained in the paytable of a slot game.

Types of wild symbol

Land-based slots and online slots have a variety of wild symbols, each with unique characteristics that improve gameplay and increase the chances of winning.

Here's a list of the different types of wild symbols:

  1. Sticky Wilds: Stay in place for multiple spins, boosting the potential for winning combinations.
  2. Stacked Wilds: Appear in groups one on top of the other on a reel, increasing the odds of forming winning lines.
  3. Expanding Wilds: Spread to cover an entire reel, turning it into a single big wild symbol for more wins.
  4. Grouped Wilds: Appear together on the reels but are not stacked vertically; they can create multiple winning combinations across different paylines.
  5. Multiplying Wilds: Not only substitute for regular symbols but also multiply the winnings of any combination they're part of.
  6. Duplicating Wilds: Copy themselves to another position, often turning a losing game round into a win.
  7. Shifting Wilds: Move horizontally across the reels with each spin until they disappear off the screen, offering more chances to win.
  8. Walking Wilds: Similar to shifting wilds, but they trigger re-spins without additional cost while they move across the reels.
  9. Overlay Wilds: Appear on top of other symbols randomly, potentially turning a non-winning spin into a winning one.

Best wild symbols strategies

To maximize your chances of success in casino slots, integrating wild symbols into your strategy is crucial.

These powerful icons can lead to more winning paylines and potentially, a greater fortune.

Here’s how to optimize your play with wild symbols in casino games:

  1. Identify the Wilds: Understand the types of wild symbols featured in the slot. Each has unique benefits, from expanding to sticky wilds, affecting how you should approach your spins.
  2. Paytable Review: Before playing, examine the paytable. This review provides insights into how wild symbols interact within the game, including any special features or bonus rounds they may trigger.
  3. Bet Wisely: Adjust your bet size in games with high-value wild symbols. Since wilds can significantly impact winnings, making sure you’re betting enough to take full advantage of these symbols is key.
  4. Focus on Games with Special Wild Features: Slots that offer expanding, multiplying, or walking wilds often provide higher winning potential. These special games are designed to increase your chances of hitting a lucrative winning payline.
  5. Use Free Play: Many online casinos offer the option to play slots for free. Use their free feature to familiarize yourself with how wild symbols function in different games without risking your bankroll.

What are all the symbols on slot machines?

Slot machines feature many symbols beyond the wild symbol.

These symbols are the essence of slot games, each designed with a specific function that contributes to the gameplay and potential winnings. Among these, bonus symbols stand out.

Bonus symbols unlock game features such as free spins or bonus games, providing slot players with additional chances to win big without placing extra bets.

Similarly, scatter symbols are key to unlocking free spin sessions, often without the constraint of appearing on a specific payline to trigger the reward.

Slot machines also include standard symbols, which are divided into low-value symbols, typically represented by numbers or letters, and high-value symbols, which align with the game's theme and offer higher payouts.

Wild symbols vs scatter symbols

Wild and scatter symbols take different roles among slot machine symbols.

Wilds substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations. Scatters, however, unlock bonus features, such as free spins or bonus rounds, without needing to appear on a specific payline.

Wild symbols vs multiplier symbols

Wild symbols substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations, while multiplier symbols increase the payout of any win they're part of.

What is the relation between wild symbols, RTP and volatility?

Wild symbols in slots positively impact RTP by increasing winning chances and can affect volatility by potentially leading to larger, less frequent wins.